Game Face! Fired Up Scheve is a Grill Master - he knows how to slice Bacon! Kwass-e-moto! 3-2-1-PULL O scores points, D wins games.  Pete Lee & McGruber putting on the D
"Mine's black, it doesn't match my shirt at all!"  Sorry Ralph, not everyone is as Flatstylanista like Karin.  [Sound sponsored by Bose] This line just scored.  How can i can?  Come on... look at 'em! Naomi earned her shirt with dog duty (or did I mean dog doody?) Get Flat 2025 Captain Langston Lee! Hot?  It's not hot.  Wet?  Not yet... Dat's right Tommy - you designed those kick ass shirts!  Eebu Lay Lay!!!
Thanks BUDA for supplying the geni we needed for the sound system. New Guy follows his throw! Hand block - the disc is behind Gary!  (prove me wrong, try it) Going Ho.  MiHo!! It was HOT, we were already WET, why not.  (BUDA waterboys couldn't figure out why the cooler on the empty field kept getting drained though!) I'll give Ethan credit - he COULD have picked up the whole cooler...
A blast from the past... Karen!  Plus another Aaron connection. Katie was busy practicing her spikes... Back in Black! Jakey Fakey, Bees look shakey MiHooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Captain A-ron showing some intensity!
Tired, Hot, Wet...Flat! Raining at 7"/hour clip, Lightning forcing us to run for cover, parking lot under water (this is the cover of the lot!)  what should we do?!?!  Head to the Lake and fire up the Bar-B!!! DSC08882 DSC08883 Awesome food - Please sir, may I have some more? No doggie, that's my hot doggie
Come on dude, feed me! On the grills we had:  Shrimp on a stick, chix on a stick, venison sausages, chicken sausages, regular sausages, hamburgers, cheese burgers, pollock, cod, haddock, salmon, calamari, steak, venison steak, onions, asparagus, pineapple, jalapeno poppers, dessert pizzas.  I am sure I missed at least two items.  Plus Salsa had a grill.  Plus we had two tables of side dishes.  GET FLAT - WE PLAY HARD (3-0 DAY ONE), WE PARTY HARDER!!! Nicole, having been properly Leied, was singing silly love songs.  Tommy was looking for an exit... Lee caught in mid taste test Go over there and grab some of their food - all we got is hot dogs and one more veggie burger! I would, but Ralph and Tim, well, they're a lot bigger than me! More Food!
Can't be a cook out at the beach with kids without marshmellows Pizza on the grill - outrageous! Dessert Pizza - Oh, it's on!  IT IS ON!!! Let me tell you gringos a story... You can't photo bomb a picture if you're the star attraction Kathleen! Chillin and Grillin but never spillin!
UFO or BBQ? Pizza here - hot Dessert Pizza here! Day Two:  Hot and Wet and Feeling the Heat MiHo applying some rain screen "We punch those goons out, take their machine guns, and burst in there blasting!" DSC08931
DSC08932 Bach lets it rock! MiHo sez Hammer Time! Tower of Power We had a GREAT Run  3-1 in pool play 1-1 in Div 1 finals, going down to the eventual winners after giving them a GREAT game. GET FLAT 2012